Research Areas at CEAero

The Civil Engineering & Architectural Aerodynamics group (CEAero) is a network of researchers working on different aspects and levels in the field of Wind Engineering. The area of this field is usually described as the rational treatment of the interaction between wind in the atmospheric boundary layer and man and his works on the surface of the earth (after Jack Cermack, 1975), which covers an enormous spectrum ranging at least from agriculture over civil engineering and architecture to wind energy. Core disciplines are amongst others meteorology, fluid dynamics, aerodynamics, structural dynamics and probabilistic. The multidisciplinary character of Wind Engineering leads quite naturally to overlapping research activities between research groups and other departments at DTU and consequently to a strong collaboration network. A close collaboration partner is the Civil Engineering Structural Dynamics group (CESDyn) from which CEAero is a spinoff with particular focus on Wind Engineering and Aerodynamics. Many research projects, educational activities and facility developments and laboratory operation are joint efforts and key academic personnel are members of both groups.

The research work at CEAero focuses on following main areas:

  • Wind load on structures and their response (e.g. high-rise buildings, towers, bridges and wind turbines)
  • Urban environments (pedestrian wind comfort, dispersion and urban climate)
  • Experimental simulation of aerodynamic effects under varying climatic conditions (rain, snow, icing)
  • Wind Tunnel Testing Techniques (smooth uniform & atmospheric boundary-layer flow)
  • Implementation of Computational Fluid Dynamics in Wind Engineering (Computational Wind Engineering – CWE)

More detailed information regarding the research areas and on the accessible facilities and equipment is available in the Research section of the site and individual activities are listed under Projects. Feel invited to browse through our site. If you have questions or comments you are most welcome to contact us.